20 Unhealthiest Dog Breeds. Is Your Dog On The List?

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While a lot of people are currently raving about “adopt, do not shop” lifestyle and are delighted to bring home cute mutts needing good homes, the prestige of purebred dogs still attracts several folks to purchase puppies from pet stores and breeders.

And as the Kennel Club of Westminster and the likes may praise the revealing features of the purebred from the Maltese to the Labrador as being the peak of pup perfection, these dogs have undergone years of genetic mutation and inbreeding. All that attracts nasty health issues. Not too fancy, right?
That does not tend to make pooches less faithful or adorable, and in shelters, you can find many purebred dogs needing homes. So many are given away to breed-specific shelters and organizations as people cannot deal with the financial burden of managing their health problems. Therefore, in case, you’ve got a purebred in your home or if you are seeking to adopt, below are some health risks related to 20 dogs that got the bad end of the deal in this genetic issue. If you have any of those breeds, it is especially} important to think about obtaining pet insurance to help with the burden of financially providing appropriate care to your pet.

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1. Basset Hounds

It is impossible not to fall head over heels in love with a Basset Hound, but these cute pups are vulnerable to joint problems, with the blood clotting illness Von Willebrand and acute bloating.
Luckily, you can manage many of these ailments with the correct maintenance and preventive care. In case you are thinking about adopting or purchasing a purebred, make sure you know about every health risk involved and also that you have the money you need to look after them if health problems arise.

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2. English Bulldog

Just like our cute pug buddies, English Bulldogs also suffer the same flat-face problems. But a responsible breeder can mitigate the seriousness as these health problems are mostly structural. These puppies, particularly the English types are more likely to gain weight, in addition to allergies. English Bulldogs are susceptible to skin infections because of skin folds.

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